Sophie & Jasmine London Travel Mug Review

Irresistible Design

Ideal gift for yourself or a loved one. Ideal for weekend getaways or backyard sips, any hot drinks - job done in style day in, day out

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Experience the ultimate convenience with the Sophie and Jasmine London travel mug. Engineered to be 100% leakproof, this mug ensures no spills or mishaps on your journey.

Whether you're a coffee lover or tea enthusiast, our design keeps your hot drinks piping hot for more than 6 hours and your cold beverages chilled for over 12 hours.

The innovative Push Button feature ensures easy opening, especially while driving, making it safer and more convenient. Designed for on-the-go individuals, it's easy to drink from, making it your perfect companion for every journey.

Why settle for less? Choose our travel mug for an unparalleled drinking experience.


We make sure every British family receive sustainable products with 100 % customer satisfaction. In any case you are unsatisfied, or received any faulty item, simply contact us; we will issue you a Full Refund or Replacement Product within 30 days of receipt of delivery. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Compared to other travel mugs, the Sophie and Jasmine London travel mug stands out for its meticulous design and exceptional features. While most mugs promise convenience, ours delivers on the promise of being 100% leakproof, a claim many fail to uphold.

With a dedication to retaining your beverage's temperature, we guarantee your hot drinks will remain hot for more than 6 hours, and cold ones chilled for over 12 hours — a feat many competitors can't match.

The unique Push Button feature, tailored for those who drive, distinguishes our mug from the masses, ensuring you don't fumble or get distracted on the road. It's not just a mug; it's a statement of quality and efficiency. When it comes to easy sipping and unmatched temperature retention, why would you settle for anything less than the Sophie and Jasmine London travel mug?

Elevate your travel drink experience and make the smart choice against the ordinary offerings online.

100% Leakproof

Tested & Trusted: Travel with Confidence

Badge of Trust: Our Leakproof Travel Mug Test!

Experience peace of mind on the go! We've rigorously tested our travel mug, and we're proud to confirm it's leakproof. Say goodbye to spills and hello to no-worry travels with every sip!

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